Online Journal

Online Journal

Featuring original content, the primary focus of Study Abroad Journal is the editing and publication of outstanding student photo-journals relevant to experiential learning abroad and international education.

We are a student-centered peer-reviewed journal


Submissions are welcome from students, faculty, admin and anyone looking to share their international education experience and insight.

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Film Production

Film Production

Reviewing and featuring student-produced films and videos


  • Student film production
  • Developing independent educational film projects.
  • Consulting for education abroad filmworks.

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Study Abroad Journal works in association with University Filmworks in developing brand films, testimonials, documentaries and other education-related films and videos.



Film and Photojournalism Training

A unique feature of Study Abroad Journal are international courses and workshops available to students and faculty.

Film is a dynamic aspect of journalism when considering the technical nature of managing lighting, sound, and the camera when in the field. Study Abroad Journal and University Filmworks offer fun and dynamic workshops and short courses at home and abroad.

Programs are tailored to meet the needs of students with emphasis in 8 Departments

Writing and Publication Support

We offer workshops for those seeking expertise and publication at the popular magazine level to the academic research level.

For international students and faculty, complete course materials are provided on our "How to Publish in International Journals" workshop page provided by Associate Professor Dr. Raymond Ritchie.