Classic Programs

Classic Programs

Study Abroad Journal's Classic Programs section features time-honored organizations with deep history and credibility in education abroad programming... 

The School for International Training (SIT)

  • An outgrowth of the 1932 "Experiment in International Living"
  • SIT established in 1964
  • 50 accredited undergraduate semester study abroad programs

University Study Abroad Consortium (USAC)

  • Founded in 1982
  • Approximately 50 programs in 25 countries
  • Hosting students from over 800 universities worldwide

College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS)

  • Founded in 1974
  • 95 programs in 30 countries
  • A unique partnership of 128 colleges and universities: 58 Two year institutions, 70 Four year institutions, and 23 International Members

The University of Cape Town (UCT) | South Africa