Education Abroad Asia

Education Abroad Asia

Education Abroad Asia provides fun and affordable study abroad on the resort island of Phuket, Thailand...


Based in the USA, this program is low cost and offers direct enrollment programs with other international students.

Direct enrollment means that international undergraduate students can enroll in courses at Prince of Songkla University in Phuket, Thailand and share classes with Thai and foreign students. While the majority of students are Thai, approximately twenty-five percent of students come from Europe, China and other countries in Southeast Asia.


Including tuition, books and clean, well-located housing either on or near campus, the cost of a semester in Phuket is currently $5,750.

The on-campus Program Director is Dr. Steven A. Martin, a graduate of Prince of Songkla University, a consistently ranked a leading research university in Thailand. Dr. Martin holds a PhD in Environmental Management (Coastal Management) and teaches courses in East and Southeast Asian Civilizations, Thai Geography, and Environmental Studies.


Education Abroad Asia runs the Phuket Film Club for American and other international exchange students. Together with our partner organization, University Filmworks, we enjoy making videos and teaching acting and film production with our students.

In these EAA Videos, Dr. Martin introduces the "Study in Phuket" program in less than 3 minutes, conducts a personal interview with "KK", an outstanding American student, and provides a fun take on our university lunch – just ONE DOLLAR – for traditional and delicious Thai food on campus!