In partnership with University Filmworks, Study Abroad Journal Film produces cinematic and resourceful films and videos that foster intellectual curiosity and generate interest in study abroad and education opportunities worldwide

"What Makes A University Great"

Hong Kong Polyu - School of Hotel and Tourism Mangement

"A Day in the Life of Our School"

Hong Kong Polyu - School of Hotel and Tourism Mangement

Under the United States Education Abroad Resource, Study Abroad Journal develops video projects with University Filmworks

Study in Phuket, Thailand | Education Abroad Asia | University Filmworks

Burmese Thanaka Culture Class | Prince of Songkla University | University Filmworks

Anna Nilsson | Personal Interview | University Filmworks

Champa | Po Nagar | Prof. Sombo Manara | Vietnam | University Filmworks

Dean and Chair Prof. Kaye Chon | Personal Interview | University Filmworks

Early Films (2004-2006) from Steven A Martin and Study Abroad Journal in Taiwan and the Philippines

"Hearts and Minds" of the Laipunuk Bunun, Taiwan | Oral History Project

Interview with Peter Bellwood | Batanas Islands, Philippines | Austronesian Culture

Interview with Wilhelm G. Solheim | University of the Philippines | Austronesian Culture

Bunun Interview Video Setup | 內本鹿 Laipunuk Research

Indigenous Music in Taiwan | Bunun Village 布農部落 | Part 1