Surf Tourism Research

Surf Tourism Research

Surf Tourism Research is a natural fit for students studying abroad and in some cases students can earn university credits while catching waves...

Dr. Jess Ponting at San Diego State University's Center for Surf Research suggests: "Students who are stoked on surfing are by necessity invested in and passionate about the well-being of the coastal and marine environments they are surfing in and the people who live there. This passion can be leveraged to create an incredibly powerful learning environment in the world’s best laboratory – the real world."

The Center for Surf Research is leading the way in surf tourism programs that holistically benefit local communities in remote areas around the planet -- Their vision includes that through the principles of sustainable tourism, "Surf tourism promotes healthy lifestyles and is a key driver for the environmental, social/cultural, and economic well being of destinations."

The Center for Surf Research is a non-profit research and teaching center housed in SDSU’s Sustainable Tourism Program under the L. Robert Payne School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. The Center provides leadership in the struggle for sustainability in surf tourism...

Based on the Study Abroad Journal Editor in Chief's systematic review of surf tourism research with the Journal of Sport and Tourism, students, researchers and industry professionals can connect through an exhaustive list of research articles on the CSR Bibliography page.

The full article is available through the following reference:

Martin, S. A., & Assenov, I. (2012). The genesis of a new body of sport tourism literature: A systematic review of surf tourism research (1997-2011). Journal of Sport and Tourism, 17(4), 257–287. doi:10.1080/14775085.2013.766528


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